Aerosoft's - Aerosoft Launcher

Aerosoft's - Aerosoft Launcher 1.2

Manages all the Aerosoft products installed on the user's PC
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See all the applications from Aerosoft that you have on your have computer and gain access to the special features that some of those products include. Visit the Aerosoft shop directly from the client and check out the forum for additional information or technical difficulties.

The Aerosoft Launcher gives you an overview of all Aerosoft products installed on your computer. You will also have easy access to special features available for the several products. Also, you will have access to the Aerosoft shop and the Aerosoft forum.
- Joystick Configuration Tool.
- Deinstall routine.
- Autoupdate function at start up.
- Current activations.
- New product information feature.
- Requests for support-emails.

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